You are welcome to pop into our studio (by appointment) to have your finger size taken.


Determining your exact ring size at home can be tricky, so we always recommend that you have your size taken in person by a professional jeweller in your area as first prize, before attempting to size your own fingers.

Here is a helpful how-to for measuring your fingers at home and determining your correct (more-or-less) ring size if you are unable to visit a nearby jewellery professional...


Use a strip of sturdy cardboard, plastic or wire to wrap around your finger. (P.S Not string! String is usually too soft and stretchy and will result in too much margin for error in measurements).


Place your hand on flat surface and wrap the material around the base of your finger (where you will be wearing the ring) and make a little mark where the one end touches the other end of the material. This measurement is your FINGER CIRCUMFERENCE 🍊


Find your finger circumference in the chart below and match it to the corresponding alphabetical finger size in that line. South Africa follows the alphabetic UK sizing convention. If you already have your ring size according to a different country's convention, simply find the corresponding UK size in the chart.