I've submitted my custom design request, now what?

Once we have processed your request, we will determine whether we need to see you face-to-face to get the ball rolling. Thanks to the digital age, this is rarely necessary 🪩


  • 1 - Research + Inspiration (+- 3 days): Where necessary, we will need to narrow down an idea of the design we are aiming for based on all the information you've given us
  • 2 - Rough sketches (2 - 5 days): We will create up to 3 sketches for you to choose a final design from. (These are not life-like renderings)
  • 3 - Quoting + Sourcing: (5 - 10 days) Based on your chosen sketch, we will begin to source the materials needed and calculate an official quote. This may take a while depending on the rarity and availability of the desired stones/materials. An in-person viewing of stones may be arranged at this point.
  • 4 - 3D Design (5 - 7 days): Once you have chosen your stones, accepted the quote, and paid a 60% deposit, we can begin with detailed designs using CAD software. Realistic, proportional renderings of your piece will be created for your final opportunity to give feedback and adjust the design. *Please note: These drawings take special skills and time. Only one CAD design is included in our standard service. Any additional revisions thereafter will be charged accordingly in your final invoice.
  • 5 - Manufacture (10 - 15 days): Once the final 3D rendering has been approved, manufacture commences. No manufacture will take place if a 60% deposit has not be paid.

The above timeline is subject to change depending on our workload. We aim to be as speedy and efficient as possible, always, but our commitment to quality and perfection means that our creations are made slowly with immense care and attention to detail.